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Making a difference in Dover

Our Mission - To provide limited, one-time help for our Dover neighbors experiencing a financial hardship for which no other resources or funds are available. 

Our Work - Dover Share Fund assists when the need is urgent, but we are not necessarily an emergency service.  Since we are non-profit and run solely by volunteers, our client counselors are available on an “as needed” basis.  

If someone is in need, they should first visit Dover Welfare Assistance at 61 Locust St. or call 603-516-6500. 


We only accept referrals from Dover Welfare after all other options have been exhausted.  We will then schedule a meeting with the client to determine if we are able to help.

Dover Share will provide financial aid once in any calendar year for each person.  The amount we issue each person is limited. 


We are able to help with:

  • Past due rent

  • Past due utility bills

  • Some medical and dental bills

  • Transportation costs

  • Other needs may be considered

Please know:

Clients need to provide bills and documents to the caseworker when they meet. 


We will negotiate with and pay creditors directly. We do not give cash to the client. 

It is our hope that our assistance will allow a client to remain in their home without threat of eviction.  We will attempt to resolve the current problem in the most efficient and economical way. Since our ability to help financially is limited, we will regretfully decline those with debts so large that our efforts would be ineffective in facilitating a successful resolution.

How We are Funded - Dover Share is supported by caring private donors and by community and faith-based organizations.  Additional funding is obtained through fundraisers, annual appeals, and grant requests.

Please consider Giving - We rely on your generosity and support to continue our mission.

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Donations may also be mailed to:


Dover Share Fund

PO Box 385

Dover, NH 03821


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